reNature creates sustainable fertilizer from organic waste using advanced biotechnology. Our technology reduces the environmental impact and liability of waste disposal while producing a natural fertilizer to replace unsustainable mined and petrochemical derived fertilizers.  Through restoring this nutrient cycle, reNature “reconnects food with its roots.”

reNature’s distributed technology reduces landfill environmental management costs and utilizes organic waste that bio-mass energy & fuel plants don’t want to handle, and that industrial customers are liable for even after its sent away.


Vision, Mission & Purpose

We help feed the world.

Our Mission

Produce economically viable sustainable fertilizer from organic food waste as a drop-in replacement for existing mined and petrochemical industrial fertilizers.  

Our Vision

A world without waste in which the availability of fertilizer does not compromise the availability of food.

Social, Environmental, and Community Impact

reNature is a conscious business that will impact every person on the planet.  We provide solutions to waste disposal cost and environmental problems for major industries, municipalities and communities as a means to provide solutions to the fertilizer scarcity problem.

Why we do it

We exist to drive environmentally responsible and economically viable solutions to the social problems created by geometrically increasing fertilizer prices, and their subsequent impact on the price of food. We believe that with biotechnology we can harness the power of millions of years of evolution to provide a sustainable alternative to many synthetic fertilizers and simultaneously reduce the impact of landfilling waste.